About Us

The Itsekiri Regional Development Committee (IRDC) is a Community Based Organization (CBO) that was established in 2009 to serve twenty-three communities (23) across Warri North, Warri South and Warri South West Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Delta State, Niger Delta region of Nigeria.  The 23 communities are:  Omadino, Ijaghala, Ode-Ugborodo Ugbegungun, Madangho, Ogidigben, Ajudiabo, Sagharatie, Kolokolo, Usor, Tisun, Eghoro, Ureju, Jakpa, Tebu, Gbokoda, Aje- Meta, Udo, Ebrohimi, Obaghoro, Bateren, Deghele and Ugbolegin.

IRDC was established with the goal of developing the communities through the provision of socio-economic empowerment and sustainable development programmes. The CBO became a duly registered entity with the Delta State ministry, Asaba in 2009.

Our Vision: To be the number one platform for achieving model development and creating wealth in the Niger-Delta.

Our Mission: To develop local expertise and capacity for sustainable development in the Niger-Delta through the provision of technical and financial support in housing, support to small business development, improved access to education, and health services.

In addition to the above, IRDC seeks to promote a safe and secure environment through peace-building and economic empowerment.


The IRDC seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • To promote a safe and secure environment within the Niger-Delta in which the communities can fulfil their development potentials.
  • To support achievement of employment and economic empowerment plans and policies within the Niger Delta region.
  • To pursue peace and stability through effective peace-building processes.


Program Areas

  1. Advocacy
  • Relationship building with stakeholders in the region for sustainable peace and development.
  • Stakeholders’ engagement in support of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  1. Rural  Social Service  & Infrastructural  Development
  • Improved community access to portable water.
  • Construction of rural roads and drainage networks, concrete jetties, foot bridges.
  • Constructions of Town halls.
  • Provision of shelters for displaced people.
  1. Youth & Women Empowerment
  • Education support through scholarships (230 students at the secondary, tertiary and graduate level).
  • Micro-credit scheme for women.


Since the inception of the IRDC, it has undertaken over 253 community development projects in 23 communities and a wide range of infrastructural and non-infrastructural projects spread across several programme areas. These projects were identified through series of sustainable livelihood assessments conducted by the IRDC and incorporated into detailed community development plans (CDP).  Some of the projects:

  1. Provision of six (6) Unit two (2) bedroom detached bungalow on raft foundation at Ode-Ugborodo Community, Warri South West LGA.
  2. Provision of 16 unit two (2) bedroom detached bungalow on strip foundation at Omadino Community, Warri South LGA.
  3. Upgrading, furnishing and equipping of Itsekiri RDC training Complex and skill acquisition training of 438 beneficiaries.
  4. Provision of a town hall at Eghoro Community, Warri North LGA.
  5. Provision of town hall at Jakpa Community, Warri North LGA.
  6. Micro credit scheme for small and medium businesses.


Contact Information

Ambassador Austin Oniyesan
Chairman IRDC
Tel: 08033461833

Mr. Isaac Dorsu
Chairman Resource Mobilization Committee
Tel: 08166126251